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7 beaches to set you in the right mood!

August, the month where all the worries are gone, and summer is fully balanced.
I’d personally prefer to spend my summer time discovering all sorts of beaches, and trying out endless tanning oils, but since I’m working, I decided to take you on this virtual beach-discovery trip with me! After all, we surely need to chillax and wind up a bit, especially that these are the last few weeks of summer *sniff*.

So here goes, drumrolls with dreams of waves and sand:

1. Matira Beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Oh my gosh, this has officially climbed my list of top amazing things I might never get to do. I mean, the number of blue shades…
Mood setter: Chillaxed

2. Blinky Beach, Lord Howe Island, Australia
If you’re an Aussie, I’m so jealous. That being said, I think that – since you already live at that corner of the world – it would be unfair to miss the chance of personally going to Blinky Beach.
Mood setter: Fantastic

3. Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Well sure, Rio and the rest of Brazil is on everyone’s bucket list, and this beach sets a chillaxed mood just by staring at its pic!
Mood setter: Joyful

4. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia.
Again, Aussies, you’re so lucky! Just look at that perfection!
Mood setter: Loving – or Jealous if you’re not an Aussie!

5. Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
Perfect white sands, clean water, and superb weather almost all year round.
Mood setter: Lazy

6. Elafonissi Beach, Elafonissi, Greece.
This list won’t be complete without at least one from the beautiful Mediterranean. Famous for its white to pink sands, this will surely captivate you.
Mood setter: Grateful

7. Siesta Key Beach, Siesta Key, Florida
Back to a somewhat closer notion, the Siesta beach gives out its vibes from the name! Look at those glorious sunset colors!
Mood setter: Excited

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5 Moods we go through every summer

Summer means fun, sun, water and parties! Here are the top 5 moods we know our users felt during summer so far:

Chillaxed Mood

1. Chillaxed:
Sure, we all take this oath that we will have a calm, relaxing summer. No parties, no insanity. We will try our best to keep it, chillax on the beach, read that book, and sip on something delicious!

Crazy Mood

2. Crazy:
Yes, chillaxing… But then we get that one phone call, the one that involves the phrase “What’s happening!”, and that’s where all the craziness starts and we set for a crazy mood to party our hearts out

Flawless Mood

3. Flawless:
All prepped, happy and ready to invade those summer nights.

Giggly Mood

4. Giggly:
In summer, it’s easier to laugh, giggle, and go as loud as you want. Unleash all that and giggle all you want!

Silly Mood

5. Silly:
Yes, drop all that act of being so tough, and get silly! Summer means we can play all these childhood games, guilt free!

What are the moods you go through in the summer?
Share a piece of your mind with us and send me your summer stories at zeena@whatshudoin.com, best stories will be published on our blog!

9 Moods Everyone Feels But No One Admits To Feeling

Everyone claims different moods along their day online. Happy, sad, bored and so on. Here are some of the moods we go through everyday but don’t want to share.

1. High:
high mood

Everything is either funny or meaningless. You might not feel the couch you’re sitting on.

How to get it:
You know you don’t always specifically need external help to get to this mood. Having a relaxing atmosphere with Bob Marley tunes in the back of the room are just enough to make you forget the awful day you had.

2. PMSing:
pmsing mood

Sudden urges for everything chocolate and a lame movie.

How to get it:
Not sure if I can insert a manual here, but just so you know, this is NOT a female-exclusive mood. Guys PMS as well. Your day might not be a helpful one and you just need to cuddle up a blanket, eat all the ice cream in the universe, and watch Netflix forever.

3. Craving:
craving mood

Drooling over anything edible, drinkable or kissable.

How to get it:
Cravings occur without any previous notice. You suddenly will feel the need to dip your pizza in chocolate syrup, as horrible as that sounds.

4. Jealous:
jealous mood

The moment you feel like you wanna slap someone’s face using a round-shaped metal.

How to get it:
Work on something really hard and let someone else take credit, or watch your significant other being flirted to. If all fails, try watching your pet cuddle with a stuffed animal.

5. Heart Broken:
heart broken mood

Hyperventilation accompanied by intense feeling of sadness. Or maybe just a need to stare at nothing forever.

How to get it:
Lose your new, out of battery phone on the subway.

6. Silly:
silly mood

Instant physical and mental childhood urges to jump around a street dancing to “New Thang” or any other 5SOS tune.

How to get it:
Stay serious all day and then call your BFF.

7. Naggy:
naggy mood

The need to ask about the same thing more than 3 times per minute, just because.

How to get it:
Get invited to a really cool party, realize you need a ride, ask your older sibling for their cool car.

8. Lost:
lost mood

A feeling of not being at the right place or with the right person. Or you have forgotten your phone at home.

How to get it:
Visit any IKEA shop, or go for a road trip somewhere you’ve never been to. It’s nice to feel lost sometimes!

9. Weird:
weird mood

When you’re in a weird mood, you will know. It’s hard to explain.

How to get it:
Feel happy, then change your mind and feel sad. Then wonder why you decided to feel sad since everything is going well. Feel weird.

If you also have an unusual mood that is not on our moods list do share it with me in the comments section or on zeena@whatshudoin.com! I’ll work my way to adding it to the list of moods on Whatshudoin, where you can share moods and discover people all around the world!
Check it out: www.whatshudoin.com

As for me, I’m in a really weird mood today!

The new app for socially sharing your moods

Hello world!

I wanted to share with you the true value of having Whatshudoin as the moods social app.
Imagine for a second there, that your best friend shared feeling Blue, or Angry. What’s would you do? I personally would buy her some Reese’s. She’s an addict.

Moods allow users to be real people, even if the online world demands shares of links, videos, articles and other types of content. These links do not make you the person you are. Your mood does though.

How awesome would it be if you received a bag of [insert disgusting object here] as a prank just because you posted you’re feeling Bored? We know you care about people, and we know you love to share who you really are. Let’s see the REAL you with every selfie shared.


Talk to you soon, till then, stay moody!

Questions answered


Hey there,
Thanks for being a curious person wanting to know more about Whatshudoin! You can find some common questions answered in this post.

You can also let me know of any curious questions you have through my email on zeena@whatshudoin.com.


1. What is Whatshudoin?
Whatshudoin is a social network to share your moods, what you are doin and how you're feeling with your friends or even the whole world.

On Whatshudoin, you're sharing the real you, and connecting with people similar to your mood or the complete opposite.

You can also discover people from around the world, and practice the true meaning behind having the Internet "connecting" you with the globe!

2. How Does Whatshudoin work?
To get started on Whatshudoin, choose your mood. It can be happy, crazy, bored or any of the moods we have on our list. After you choose a mood, tell us what you're up to, where you are and add a cool picture or selfie, and then share it with your friends.

After you share your mood, you can see how other people are feeling around the world. Choose people who interest you to track and expand your network!

3. How do I login to Whatshudoin?
First, you need to register as a new user via Facebook, Twitter or your email address. You can then choose your username, customize your profile and add friends.

Once you are registered, the app will not ask you to login unless you choose to logout, then you will have to login again using your Facebook, Twitter or email account.

Note: Don't forget that you'll need to confirm your email if you register via email, only for happy security reasons.

4. How do I post a doin?
A doin is what you share on Whatshudoin. You click the (add) button on the top right of your screen and then:
– Choose your mood
– Tell us whatshudoin (what you're up to)
– Choose a location
– Add a cool snap or selfie
– Decide whether you want to share it publically (with everyone) or to the people who are tracking you only
– Done!

5. What is a Street?
The street is where you see your friends, or people from around the world. Some call it the "feed". In other words, it's the place where you see your doins and other people's doins.

So that’s about it for a general overview, below you will find some privacy questions answered:

1. Why does Whatshudoin need my full name?
Entering your full name makes it easy for friends to find you and recognize you on Whatshudoin. Whatever name you enter will be shown at the top of your doins and profile, as well as on your photos and in other users' lists of people.

If you’d like to change it, you can. To change your name:
i. Go to your profile or to the menu and click "edit profile"
ii. Change the fields with (first name, last name)
iii. Click "Update"

There is also the username in which you add when you register for the first time, keep in mind that you can’t change your username once it’s been set.

2. Why does Whatshudoin ask to access my contacts?
Finding friends and adding more people on Whatshudoin gives you a cooler experience! When we access your contacts you enable us to list the friends who are already on Whatshudoin, and invite those who are not.

Note that we securely access your email contacts only; no phone numbers are accessed or copied!

3. Why does Whatshudoin ask to access my location?
When you want to post a doin, you can add a location to your post. To do this, Whatshudoin needs access to your location information. You can always disable location services in your phone’s settings if you would prefer not to share this information. Whatshudoin will still work with location services disabled.
To adjust your location permissions:
– Go to your phone’s settings
– Tap Privacy > Location Settings
– Scroll down to Slingshot and tap on the button next to it to turn permission on (green) or off (white)

4. How can I control my doins privacy?
The lock icon on posting a new doin controls who can see your doin. If it is locked, your doin will be shared to people who are tracking you only. If the lock is open, your doin will be shown to everyone.

Note that when you choose to share on Facebook or Twitter, your doin will be shared according to the privacy you set on those external apps.

5. How can I stop someone from tracking me?
The assassinate button enables you to stop someone from tracking you without blocking that user. Meaning, you can still be tracking this user and see their doins, but they will no longer be tracking you.

6. How can I block someone?
– Go to the user's profile
– Scroll their profile to the bottom
– Click "Report" > Block user
When you block a user you will no longer be able to see each other on Whatshudoin.

7. Why am I seeing people I don't track on my street?
When you first sign up to Whatshudoin, you will see public doins from around the world. Once you choose to track a user, you will start seeing their doins only.

8. How do I delete my account? (Ah come on, don’t do that!)
– Go to the menu
– Choose Settings > Accounts > Delete account
Note that once you delete your account, all your doins, photos, information, people you track and your profile will be deleted.

For feedback and cool ideas, you can send us using the form in the menu > send an idea
For any technical or support issues, send us on support@whatshudoin.com

Get moody!


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