Say it like whatchadoin!

Awesome Features

Addictive is an understatement. It's the way to actually connect with people, not with their over-shared links.

  • Ask Whatshudoin

    Ask all your friends "Whatshudoin?" at once, then plan things with those with the same mood as yours.

  • Home

    See random posts from friends on your home screen even without asking them

  • Connect

    Chat with friends directly after seeing what they’re doin.

  • Videos

    Create videos that describes your mood and tag friends with you. They’ll get notified once you post!

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Anatomy of a Doin

A doin is what you share on Whatshudoin whether in groups or solo. Here's how it works:

Choose a mood

Let your people know how you feel at the moment

Snap a video or pic

Show us whatshudoin right now


Share your location


Tag your friends in each post together

App Screenshots

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